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**หมายเหตุ หากไม่ทำตามขั้นตอนการลงทะเบียนทั้ง 3 ขั้นตอน การลงทะเบียนจะไม่สมบูรณ์**

AD DTS20040009=ชวนสัมมนา-อีเมลล์.jpg

ฟังสัมมนาออนไลน์ฟรี พร้อมความรู้มากมาย

Professor จากประเทศสเปนและ ทพ.ดร.อมรพงษ์ วชิรมน

ในหัวเรื่อง " Treatment of retained teeth with Microimplants "

วันจันทร์ที่ 18 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2563 

เวลา 21.00 - 21.45 น. 

บรรยาย : ภาษาอังกฤษ


In this lecture the author will show through several case reports his protocol for

treatment of retained teeth with skeletal anchorage lnd using his SARDAC technique.

SARDAC means Skeletal Anchorage, Right Direction of the force and Asolute Control of the teeth movement.


During the presentation will be discussed retained canines in labial and in palatal position, and also retained molars and incisors with predictable and step by step protocol.

Speaker : 

ทพ.ดร.อมรพงษ์ วชิรมน 

AD DTS20040005+ชวนสัมมนาฟรี ประวัติหมอ.j

Professor จากประเทศสเปน  : Dr. Pablo Echarri

Director of Master in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

Athenea Dental Institute and San Jorge University

AD DTS20040006+ชวนสัมมนาฟรี ประวัติคุณPa


DDS, University of Montevideo, Uruguay (1981).



Practice limited to Orthodontics in Badalona and Barcelona (Spain).



  • Active member of the Sociedad Española de Ortodoncia (SEDO).

  • Member of the World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO).

  • International member of the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO).

  • Member of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Ortodoncistas (AIO).

  • Member of the European Orthodontic Society (EOS).

  • Founding member of the Lingual Study Group in USA.

  • Member of Director Board of the American Lingual Orthodontics Association (ALOA).

  • Diplomate Member of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO).

  • Member of the Société Française d'Orthodontie Linguale (SFOL).

  • Member of the Associazione Italiana Ortodonzia Linguale (AIOL). 

  • Member of the Sociedad Española de Disfunción Craneomandibular (SEDC).

  • Member of the Sociedad Española de Odontopediatría (SEOP).

  • Active member of the Iberoamerican Board of Orthodontists (IABO).

  • Founding member of World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO).

  • Member of honor of the Ukranian Society of Lingual Orthodontics (USLO).

  • Member of honor of the Bulgarian Society of Lingual Orthodontics.

  • Member of honor of the Brazilian Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ABOL).



  • President of the SIAOL (Sociedad Iberoamericana de Ortodoncia Lingual) (2001-2013).

  • Chairman of the 3rd International Congress of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO) (2007-2009).

  • 6th President of the ESLO (European Society of Lingual Orthodontics) (2002-2004).

  • President of the Scientific Committee of COEC (Catalonian Dental Society) (2004- 2014).

  • Member of the Directors Board of COEC (1999-2014)

  • Vice President of the Scientific Committee of AIO (Iberoamerican Association of Orthodontists) (2004-2010). Centro de ortodoncia y ATM Ladent SL/Athenea Dental Institute

  • AIO Delegate at the WFO (World Federation of Orthodontics) from (2004-2010).

  • Member of the Editorial Committee of Orthodontics - The art and practice of dentofacial enhancement Journal  (2010).

  • Member of ESLO Board of Directors (European Society of Lingual orthodontics) from 2012.

  • Member of Organizing Committee of 11th ESLO Congress (2014), Italy.

  • President of the Scientific Committee of 11th ESLO Congress (2014), Italy.

  • Editor-in-Chief of Tribuna Books Ripano Lingual Orthodontic Journal (2013-2015).



  • Course director and lecturer at post-graduate courses in Orthodontics, in LADENT, S.L. from 1991.

  • Lecturer at courses and conferences in Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, USA, France, Guatemala, India, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Monaco, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Great Britain, Dominican Republic, Romania, Taiwan, Uruguay, Venezuela.



  • Author of CSW, CLO and SARDAC Techniques.

  • Echarri omega forming pliers (registered patent).

  • Inclination and torque accessory design for Slot Machine.

  • Bracket holder for lingual brackets with horizontal slot for Slot Machine.

  • Microimplant Treatment Planning Software "Microimplant EVO".

  • Microscrew System.

  • Echarri Cephalometric templates (manufactured by Scheu Dental)

  • CA© POWER GRIP Set (manufactured by Scheu Dental)

  • The Model Maker (MM) (manufactured by Adenta)

  • The Set-up Model Maker (SUM) (manufactured by Adenta)

  • The Occlusal Plane Reference (OPR) (manufactured by Adenta)

  • The Surgical Model Accuracy Device (SMAD) (manufactured by Adenta)

  • The Accurate Bonding Positioner (ABP) (manufactured by Adenta)

  • CA© TIP 3 Pliers (manufactured by Scheu Dental)

  • CA© TIP 4 Pliers (manufactured by Scheu Dental)

  • PST Set (Progressive Stripping Therapy Set) (manufactured by Scheu Dental)

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